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Thank you for your interest in this campaign and your state legislature. Serving you and the 25th district since 2013 has been an honor and I look forward to continue fighting for you in the State Senate.

The issues that matter to you is what matters to me. That’s why I’ve championed bills that enhance the lives of Kansans and secure our future.

  • The Wichita area has one of the highest sales tax on food, placing a burden on all of us. That’s why I’m leading the fight to reduce the Kansas food tax.
  • Protecting seniors from scams is why I worked with others to introduce legislation to reduce Medicaid and securities fraud and penalize con artists who victimize Kansans over 60.
  • Securing funding for our local schools is our way to make sure the future is bright for Kansans – something I’m passionate about as the proud son of a Kansas public school teacher. According to the non-partisan Kansas Policy Institute, per-pupil spending is at a record high of $13,343.

There are real challenges that face our city and state, and I have real solutions. Will you join me? Volunteer, donate, and most importantly, vote. Your support is appreciated.

Michael O'Donnell
State Senator Michael O'Donnell

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